Triplex Super Speed Cleatformer

The Lockformer Triplex Cleatformer has 9 forming stations with two (2) inboard forming position for the Flat “S” Cleat and Drive Cleat as well as two (2) outboard stations for Auxiliary Roll Sets. It is a stand-alone machine that has a 5 HP Motor and runs on 230 Volt, Three Phase Power with 100 FPM running speed. Over time, you may have to replace shafts, idler gears, drive gears and the fiber gear assembly. It is also common to replace certain auxiliary tooling including 3-in-1 entrance gauges and the Pittsburgh opening roll guide and holder. We are proud to offer official Lockformer-brand replacement parts for your 8900 Cleatformer. Please review the parts list to find the replacement parts you need or contact us if you need assistance.

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Triplex Super Speed Cleatformer

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