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Image Gallery

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  • New Sheet Metal Shop

    New Sheet Metal Shop complete with Lockformer Plasma, Roto-Die and TDC - Set-Up June 2018

  • Used Roper Whitney Shear

    2017 Roper Whitney Model 10M14 Mechanical Shear complete with 10' 14 Gauge Capacity (Mild Steel), 24" Front Operated Power BG with DRO, 4' Squaring Arm, Slide Out Front Support and Air Operated Sheet Support with Front Return System - Shipped July 2018

  • New Americor Plate Roll

    New Americor 10' x 1/4" Power Plate Roll - Delivered July 2018

  • Used Model 15 Roto-Die

    Reconditioned Roto-Die Model 15 Hydraulic Bender complete with 85 Degree Male Die, Lower Rotational Die, Single Station Depth of Stroke Adjustment and Support Arms - Shipped July 2018

  • Rebuilt Lockformer 14 Station

    Rebuilt Lockformer 14 Station Rollformer complete with New England Cleat Rolls Inboard and Double Extended Shafts for Auxiliary Rolls Sets - Picked-Up August 2018

  • New Standard Industrial Shear

    Standard Industrial 10' x 3/8 Hydraulic Shear - Delivered and Installed August 2018

  • Rebuilt Engel S&D Rollformer

    Rebuilt Engel Model 825 Slip & Drive Rollformer complete with Flat "S" and Drive Cleat Rolls Mounted Inboard, 18 Gauge Pittsburgh Rolls Outboard (LHS) and 3/8 Right Angle Flange Rolls Outboard (RHS) - Shipped September 2018

  • New Model 5 Roto-Die

    New Roto-Die Model 5 Hydraulic Bender - Delivered and Installed September 2018

  • New Duro Dyne Pinspotter

    New Duro Dyne Model RHMach-III Rolling Head Pinspotter - Delivered September 2018

  • 2019 SMACNA AD

    Advertisement in the 2019 SMACNA Products Guide

  • New Lockformer TDC-V

    New Lockformer TDC-V Machine - Delivered October 2018

  • Used Suter Gorelocker

    Used Suter AG Beta 3 Elbow Machine - Gorelocker - Shipped October 2018